The Alchemy of Stone & Water

For the love of waterfalls

Scattered along raging rivers of white foam caps, imposing slabs of stone shore up banks, trapping water, directing it downstream. Mountains of jagged stone and rocky cliffs offer humanity its own version of flight.

Stone was here long before man and will be here long after.

As the foundation for many awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping landscapes, it makes sense to incorporate stone into our very own piece of paradise. Walls built of carefully placed stone—an art of balance and aesthetic—serve to create boundaries and infuse architecture upon which an entire garden can be built. But unforgiving stone feels strangely harsh without the cool fluidity of water.

Moving water over solid rock has been a naturally occurring phenomenon in nature since the dawn of man. Combined with 21st century technology we can create our very own waterfall, on demand.

Waterfalls built with stone require a steady hand and a selective eye. Rocks—whether big heavy boulders or a mix of organic fieldstone—should be carefully chosen. Select rock that is indigenous to the area—anything less and it will feel artificial and overly designed. Utilizing various sizes of the same rock to ensure interest but avoid a staged look.

Visit the neighborhood creek or community pond and notice how elements in nature connect and interact—where moss spreads, plants grow and how water flows along the edge of a stream.

But appearance is not the only factor in choosing stone—shapes and texture will dictate function and flow.

There are two segments that compose a waterfall—the structure that creates the waterfall itself and the pool into which the water falls. How these are built will decide just how the water flows, how it sounds, even the feel of the feature. There are must haves—a liner must be laid between the top of the waterfall and the pond. A waterfall pump will work to keep water circulating. But everything else is custom—your personal touch.

The waterfall pump is the invisible engine—so choose wisely. OASE waterfall pumps are reliable and of high quality. Water flow can resemble a sheet, trickle or “Niagara”—your choice. These pumps are suited for waterfalls or streams. Energy efficient, its compact design allows for discreet placement, within a skimmer box or hidden within a pond.

A renewed appreciation has brought rock into everyday life. The security and stability of stone, whether placed by nature or by man, is inherent to a sophisticated and impactful landscape. But there is something quite magical about the combination of water and stone. A waterfall may be the best of nature’s miracles.