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Water Change

Learn how to complete this important maintenance step

Changing the water is one of the most important care aquarium maintenance steps.  Learn how often to complete a water change and how to easily complete this maintenance step.

How Often Should a Water Change be Completed?

You should complete a partial water changes, replacing 20-30% of the water, approximately every one to two weeks. The importance of changing water is to reduce pollutants.  This will promote thriving plants, balanced water, and healthy aquarium inhabitants.  Consistent partial water changes also helps to reduce algae growth.


Instructions for Completing a Water Change


Aqua In-Out Set - Making water changes simple

The pump efficiently moves old water directly out of the aquarium and the tubing can direct the water into a drain.  No need to carry buckets of water.  When old water has been removed, place the pump in a bucket and treat fresh water in the bucket.  Return the newly treated water back into the aquarium.  Water changes can now be completed in a short amount of time without any messes or splashes.