AquaActiv Water Treatments

Restoring the biological balance

The sensitive pond biology is frequently burdened by excessive fish stock, rainfall and too much sunlight or leaves. The consequences are poor water quality, excessive algae and silt formation. The AquaActiv line is an effective treatment against these factors and restores the biological balance in the pond so you can help your pond to help itself. 

The AquaActiv A-B-C Concept shows you a biologically sensible approach to a cleaner pond. Step A works to condition your pond water by removing chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals. Step B cleans your pond by grouping any dirt, sediment and organic particles together and then eliminates them.  Step C helps control and prevent algae and cleans the green out of the water.


Chlorine Remover

  • Fortified with natural botanical extracts

  • Quickly removes chlorine, chloramines, and other heavy metals from the water

  • Boosts fish slime coat and reduces stress

  • Aids in preventing ammonia burns, infections and parasites

  • Ideal for start-up or water changes


Water Clarifier

  • Clears water and eliminates floating particles and organic matter

  • The formula works by clumping floating particles together making them heavy. In turn, these particles will sink, making it easier for a filter to collect before they reach the bottom of your pond.

  • Works in tandem with AquaActiv Sludge Remover


Sludge Remover

  • Breaks down the bottom pond waste toxins

  • Improves filter efficiency

  • Maintains healthy ecosystem

  • Reduces odors

  • Adds beneficial bacteria to your pond

  • AquaActiv formula includes over 1 billion CFU’s

  • Works in tandem with AquaActiv Water Clarifier


Barley Pond Clarifier

  • Naturally keeps ponds clear

  • Natural solution to help minimize the nutrient load

  • Made up of decomposed barley to keep the water clear


Pond Blue

  • Creates beautiful blue water

  • Enhances the look of your pond, fountain and water feature

  • Hides fish from predators

  • Shades the water from harmful UV rays

Specs Chlorine
Barley Pond
Pond Blue
Volume 18 oz.
Treats ponds up to 2160 gal 1080 gal 1080 gal 9000 gal 4250 gal
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Part Number 45376 45379 45378 45375 45377